Dynamic 3D type: Buchstabengewitter

Design & Style

Berlin based designer and typography enthusiast Ingo Italic (seriously?) has been working with experimental type for some time. His latest project features a set of movable 3D letters in Arial and Helvetica. For today’s designers, modern creative coding tools allow them to animate type in amazing ways. Each letter of Buchstabengewitter is animated in the visual programming language vvvv and can be morphed into any other glyph. That way whole words can geometrically blend into each other. This generated alphabet can be adjusted to any existing form, thus his start with the 'easier' fonts aforementioned.


The display of the fonts consist in a series of strings (sort of like embroidering maybe?) that are combined and move to form the different shapes of each letter. The 3D generated types can be recognizable in movement as well as in print, I wonder how they would look in person and let's hope that more of this kind of experimentation with typographies keeps coming up.


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