New Windows 8 Logo?

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With many competitors in the game now, Microsoft has been releasing previews of their newest version of Windows 8. With hopes of redeeming themselves after the lacklustre previous OS versions, they're updating their image to a more minimalistic style. It could be the overall minimalistic trend within its competitors that made them go towards this choice, but I have to say it falls a little too far from their already recognizable image.

Based on Microsoft’s “Metro” design language, Windows 8 adopts the user interface currently in play on the Windows Phone OS. By the end of February, Microsoft will release a preview version of Windows 8 but until now we've caught a glimpse of their new logo. I mean, Windows older logos have never been a good example of outstanding design but at least they made its way into global recognition and with this fresh up they go towards an entirely different way. The flaming flags have been replaced with, well.. a window. It might be a little too basic (different than minimalistic I would say) but it's just a matter of time to see if it can actually work, or let's hope this is just a beta version of the final logo. Take a look and weigh in on the opinions.


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