Editorial Beauties: 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts

Design Editorial

German exposition dOCUMENTA (13) is one of the most renowned art shows in the world, and to accompany the event there's the project 100 Notes-100 Thoughts, an edition of notebooks which feature reflections, drawings and everything in between of 100 artists/philosophers/scientists/etc, all of them involved with the event.

Leftloft is the agency that designed them and the layout of the notebooks remains faithful to the originals, creating one of a kind pieces that show the thought process of the authors. There's probably nothing more intimate than a personal notebook where all the thinking goes into paper, so being able to take a look into the train of thought that takes place in each case is quite something.

The notebooks are in 3 different formats (A6, A,5, B5) and are available for sale here. Each edition also features a part of a photograph that when all of them assembled create the complete one. Really beautiful pieces!


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