Editorial Beauties: Form Magazine

Design Editorial

Form Magazine is a German publication that has beenaround since 1957 and about to have a re-launch in 2013. The magazine focuses on everything design and from its early starts it's been a great example of avant-garde graphic design that comes through its covers. Their style varies in every issue, giving the entire collection a wide range of variety that doesn't fail to impress. Jupp Ernst, director of the Werkkunstschule in Kassel, museum directors Willem Sandberg and Curt Schweicher, and former member of the Bauhaus Wilhelm Wagenfeld founded form magazine back in the late 1950's, reflecting the ever evolving design and architecture world that was boiling at the time.

The layout was devised by Müller / Blase studio, and graphic artist Karl Oskar Blase designed almost all the covers through 1968. The magazine then came out on a quarterly basis and focused on topics relating to art, architecture and industrial design. Ballet and album reviews were just as much at home in it as were poetry and design manifestoes. The bi-weekly editions came to a stop in 1995 when they moved onto bi or tri-monthly issues and later on went through a variety of editors in chief that tried to maintain the magazine going. Now with publishing house Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, the magazine plans to come to a full re-launch next year. Can't wait to see how they keep their editorial line and always delivering interesting looking covers and articles. Needless to say their archive is full of inspirational covers that even today present innovative graphic design.


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