Editorial Beauties: No Man's Land

Design Editorial

Even in these digital days there are still some hardcore fans of print work that appreciate a beautifully designed book. Nobrow is on top of the game in this field, producing really awesome pieces from artists and authors from different backgrounds. Their focus is on the quality of the editions, from the content to the artwork and the printing materials, thus making impressive books that are practically collection pieces.

No Man's Land is the first graphic novel by French book illustrator Blexbolex, artist who has already multiple awards under his arm. His work's made in screen print, technique that he masters with his bold style, creating amazing illustrations for different publications. His style mixes muted and rich colors with abstract shapes that interact in bizarre backgrounds, hinting a few references here and there to Matisse. No Man's Land is his first own graphic novel and it has taken him over 5 years to complete, creating a big expectation before its release. Besides of being a beautiful graphic work, it's also thoroughly constructed with the best printing materials and hard cover. The book is on pre-sale right now and you can check out more details over here.


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