fashion logo templates

Fashion logo templates

It's the end of Montreal Fashion week here in our fair city and I must say this year's was a very good one. Even though there was some fair amount of eccentricity, which in itself was very entertaining!

I was very interested in the Dimitri Chris men's collection but then you literally couldn't see anything from the collection on the runway! Why? Well, the entire show was done in a lightning effect lighting - dark with sudden bursts of light - so there was absolutely no way of seeing any design details or colors properly. Though on the other hand there was a guy next to me who obviously was high (we almost got high from the smell of pot coming off of him) and he just luuved the whole show!

We also had an homage to the late Alexander McQueen through Judith Desjardins’s show for her J.U.D.E. line. That was quite a show with some wonderful gray and black plaid pieces and feathered headpieces.

To commemorate the Montreal Fashion Week, we ourselves tweaked and redesigned some of the Pixellogo fashion logo designs which include:

Pixellogo Fashion Logo-1971

Pixellogo Fashion Logo-1589

Pixellogo Fashion Logo-1493

Pixellogo Fashion Logo-1678

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