Formula One Faces Legal Battle Over Logo Copyrights

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The popular and world famous Autosport Formula One has found itself in a copyright legal battle with 3M. The conflict comes over the use of the Formula One motorsports logo that represents their sanctioned racing league.

In January of 2017, 3M decided to file a trademark application against the Formula One logo, due to its graphical similarities. The new logo went live in November of 2017, just months after 3M successfully received a trademark for their logo.

There are a couple of different possible outcomes in this copyright case, the most likely being that Formula One will have to pay an infringement fee to 3M in order to continue using their brand new racing logo. Another possibility is that the autosport F1, abandons their new Formula One logo, sparking a marketing disaster within their racing industry. The other option is not pretty, considering that it would likely lead down the roads of a major copyright legal battle that would be sorted out after a lengthy battle. The legal option will likely be something that neither side wants to pursue, considering the potential damage to the company branding on either side.

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Formula 1 racing will have to determine which road they think is best for this situation. It is already not ideal considering their new formula one logo is now subject to a potential copyright threat. They may have to pursue a path of completely abandoning their new formula 1 logo, potentially creating a new marketing campaign, and possibly designing another brand new formula one logo.

This comes less than three years after Formula 1 was sold to Liberty Media for a complete overhaul of the racing sport. Formula 1 has been completely changed in the last three years to become a different type of racing sport, and the new era of formula 1 has arrived for its fans.

Unfortunately, the two brands will have to come to an agreement over the brand new Formula One logo, or else there will be an interesting pathway ahead for both companies. Liberty Media does not want a marketing disaster as the new owner of the racing sport, so they will likely proceed on the side of caution in order to solve this is a peaceful manner. It is possible that they will surrender a significant fee to 3M in order to protect their current logo. Other options remain on the table until an agreement is met.

The fact of the matter is that race fans have no interest in talking about the racing logo. The fans want to see competitive circuit racing featuring their favorite drivers, and this headline simply provides a distraction from the real purpose of Formula One, and that is ofcourse, the on-track racing!

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