How companies reputation makes the logo and not the other way around

There are several categories concerning corporate governance that every business must adhere. When it comes to enterprise, especially start-up companies, the primary consideration of leadership must be the company's image. Consumers identify a business amongst the millions of others out there through their unique logo or brand. A detail like color, for instance, can be the deciding factor for customers, based on identifiability alone. Good or bad, a company's reputation will ultimately give the logo's underlying sentiment away to the public.

Concerning Due Diligence
Investors and Shareholders differ to the extent that anyone can become a shareholder by merely buying into a company that issues shares. Investors, on the other hand, secure actual ownership and therefore more significant interest in the enterprise. Business ventures, especially those in medical or pharmaceutical endeavors must aggressively recruit investors to achieve multi-million dollar funding to use towards research, development and clinical trials.

There's no question that Elizabeth Holmes and partner Ramesh Sunny Balwani positioned themselves brilliantly within their privately held, Silicon Valley, blood-testing health-tech startup company. For those just learning about the Theranos scandal, Elizabeth Holmes is a young, (34) great and brilliant fraud who convinced investors to extend around 700 million dollars to her enterprise.

The Now Infamous Theranos Logo
While it's mostly a subconscious, emotional response, the idea that our perception towards a company evolves to match public approval seems natural. How people see an enterprise's character gets embedded so profoundly, that we associate symbols with fraud just as quickly as we do loyalty. While Enron is a primary example, the Theranos logo, comprised of said company name accentuated with a futuristic dot for the "o," has rapidly also come to stand for nefarious deceit and elaborate product misrepresentation world-wide.

Perception of a company has tied a logo directly for five indisputable reasons; the label provides a:
Visual Symbol of Who and What
Representation of Business Conduct
Powerful Association
Influence of Decisions; and
Invokes Public Emotion

The Theranos logo is an excellent example of how a promising, dynamic company, once the greatest thing since sliced bread, can spiral down and become a representation of ultimate fraud and failure for anyone who had ever given the Theranos logo half a glance.

Good logos turn erroneous by association when the reputation of a company goes wrong. Ramesh Sunny Balwani, former Chief Operating Officer & Theranos President, and ex-fiance to Elizabeth Holmes has indicated that despite also having substantial criminal charges filed against him, that he remains dedicated to the technology proposed through Theranos and that he stands by his claims of innocence against allegations of corporate financial conspiracy.

While there are still a handful of believers out there willing to see the technology move forward through corporate scandal, these backers may not be able to do so without Elizabeth. To the horror of many, Holmes has been allowed to remain CEO of Theranos because it is a privately held company, and she's already been asking for new investors.
Theranos Elizabeth Holmes boy friend Ramesh Sunny Balwani
Ramesh Sunny Balwani and Theranos Elizabeth Holmes. Image

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