Luxury Fashion iPhone wallpaper backgrounds for women

There seems to be no shortage of websites calling themselves wallpaper companies these days, and no we are not talking about wallpapers you stick on your wall, but you are forgiven if you do think that's what we mean. All our lives we have only heard of the ones that go on walls, and then we had this never-ending big wave of smartphone craze and everything that goes with it. And yes, as you guessed wallpapers... our phones are not walls (they are digital screens) and these images that people refer to as wallpapers are not made of papers, 99.9% of the time they are not even designed or created on a piece of paper.

Chanel Iphone wallpaper | Moxipix

We rarely see a "phone wallpaper" that's actually designed. 99% of the time its an image, a beautiful photography of mountains, lakes or beaches, that take us away to an exotic dreamland for a few seconds until we realize we are still in the same stinky city and our break is over, gotta go back and sit in front of our computers for few more hours.

Urbane Jungle leopard print Luxury iPhone wallpaper | Moxipis

Smartphones are used a lot more by women naturally, but we have not seen any locks screen images or iPhone wallpapers specially designed for them until we stumbled on, these guys seem to the cure for fashionable girl who is not trying to be an Astronaut and wants her stylish iPhone wallpaper to reflect her sense of style and personality. These designs are not a quick photoshop style driven cheap designs, these guys actually took the time to create something quality. The realism, the design quality, the realism and attention to detail are done to perfection.

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