Free Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets


Great design always returns to its roots, and the classic look of antique vintage is no exception. The resurgence of the vintage style is more prevalent than ever in web and graphic design these day, and is being mastered by a number of designers. Vintage or antique looking designs almost always include elements such as textures, colors and fonts that will give your project that authentic feel. In this post we’ll give you some great resources, in the way of these vintage Photoshop brushes, to help in your project. They, of course, are all free to download.

old letter vintage brushes
Download Old Letter Vintage Brushes

old postcard vintage brushes
Download Old Postcard Vintage Brushes

vintage 2 brushes
Download Vintage Label Brushes

vintage parisian ad brushes
Download Parisian Ad Brushes

vintage stamp brushes
Download Vintage Stamp Brushes

vintage baseball cards
Download Vintage Baseball Card Brushes

vintage picture brushes
Download Vintage Picture Brushes

Also, check out our selection of free Vintage, Antique and Retro Fonts!

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