Friday's Collection of Colorful Free Fonts

Free Fonts

Font Friday. Our weekly celebration of the beautiful and nerdy world of typeface. In the words of J.H. Mason "Type is like music in having its own beauty, and in being beautiful as an accompaniment and interpretation ; and typography can be used to express a state of the soul, like the other arts and crafts. But like them it is too often used mechanically, and so the full expressiveness of this medium is unrealized. If it is used according to a rule or recipe, it becomes dull and loses vividness. Type appears at first to be a rigid medium ; but like other rigid media, it is plastic to the living spirit of a craftsman."

We have collected some super cool and interesting new fonts this week, all free for the downloading. Enjoy these new additions to your typeface collection!

cantarell font
Download Cantarell Font

clutchee font
Download Clutchee Font

digitica font
Download Digitica Font

exus pilot font
Download Exus Pilot Font

merge font
Download Merge Font

pac man font
Download PacMan Font

Tribbon Font
Download Tribbon Font

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