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FURNI logo designThe other day, I happened to have an opportunity to meet the two co-founders of Furni, Devin Barrette and Mike Giles. For those of you who haven’t already heard of them, Furni is a progressive and innovative Montreal-based design company. Started over six years ago, Furni specializes in crafting unique handmade products out of wood including their signature series of alarm clocks as well as custom furniture. Recently, Furni has also started to release a wide variety of other products such as colourful and trendy wristwatches, vintage bags and notepads.

I give this company my two thumbs up. They are two great guys who have started something really great and inspirational in Montreal. Devin’s expert cabinet making skills combined with Mike’s eye for design makes for a pair that is definitely worth watching over the next few years.

Here are a few examples of their amazing products:

Neverend Clocks: 1st Edition

Neverend Wall Clocks: Edition #1

For their first edition in this series, Furni has collaborated with Kitsune Noir, a culture blog that focuses on art and design, and Dan Funderbergh, an artist and wallpaper designer, to create a stunning series of wall clocks. These wall clocks feature Dan Funderbergh’s artwork which has been laser-etched into Russian birch plywood. It is an absolutely beautiful wall clock that is available in both black and natural. If you want one, you better act fast. Furni is only releasing 88 clocks for each edition.

Gator Alarm Clocks

Furni's Gator Alarm Clock

The Gator alarm clocks are fresh, sleek and stylish alarm clocks complete with an old-school red LED display. Available in a variety of colours, this classic wooden design with its rounded corners make this piece not only an alarm clock but a great addition to any room.

Furni X RBW Wristwatches

Furni X RBW Wristwatches

Furni collaborated with Raised by Wolves to create this series of collectible digital wristwatches. These wristwatches were such a success that Furni has just re-released another line of these fantastic wristwatches in new colours for the summer (pictured on the right). I love these watches. They remind me of the wristwatches that I wore growing up in the 80’s. I also absolutely love that they have engraved the sentence “this ain't the time to have your wrists freezin” on the back of each watch. Amazing!

If you want to learn more about what they do, click here to visit their website.

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