How logos would look like in a default font


I'm sure all rookie graphic designers have at some point forgotten to embed the correct font and end up with printable files that have been changed to the default font (*gasp). It's a fair mistake, everyone has to learn from them, right? Well this time the folks at UnderConsideration have created a flickr set with a default font version of famous logos keeping their original style. Here you can have a pick at what the results would have been if the designer forgot attaching the correct font! But I have to admit that some of them work while some of them are only cringe worthy.

This project also reminded me of a tumblr project called Comic Sans Project, which as you can imagine, translates logos into a Comic Sans version- the all so hated typeface by designers of the world. As the tumblr says: WE FEAR NO FONTS AND WE WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD COMIC SANS. BECAUSE HELVETICA IS SOOO 2011. A scary world i would say...



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