Industry News: Myspace Is Back And With A Brand New Look

Industry News

So apparently everyone and their sister is getting a makeover lately and this time I got you the news of the latest to board on that ship and rising up from the dead: Myspace. The once super popular social network is coming back full force with the help of new celebrity investor Justin Timberlake and they're aiming for the big leagues. Their new look is actually pretty decent and very up to the current trends, going for a minimalistic approach and super heavy on the use of images -it sort of looks like a combination of Pinterest and Tumblr, focusing their interface on the users content.

Myspace old logo
New logo

Their new logo embraces the geometric cleanness that's so characteristic of today's aesthetic and I have to admit it looks pretty good. Its applications on the new website do evoke the hipstery feel of recent trends, but it works for them if they really want to be excite today's cool kids about their comeback. The video below gives us a tour with their new features and interface which besides looking super sleek do work at least from a visual point of view. The real question is, after being practically pronounced dead for so long, will they make it? We'll have to wait and see.

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