Industry news: TNT's rebranding

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Being one of the most important TV networks in the U.S, TNT has come up with a refreshed corporate identity to consolidate its drama-experts status. The cable network started in the 1980's focusing mostly on films, TV series and sports. Since 2001 they've taken a different direction with the slogan "We Know Drama" consolidating their style of programming.

Now they've relaunched their image, this time called "Drama, Period.", a straight-forward tagline that matches the minimal trend with a clear, concise message. The visual aspect is just as bold, combining a black background with a strong typeface in vibrant colours, each to match the shows of the network. They ditched the previous version and replaced the gold gradients with a flat, fixed width version of the logo that leaves the main focus to the DRAMA tagline.I think it's a perfect new identity that portraits the new direction they are taking. And to make things a bit more interesting, they also came up with a viral video that left people shocked as drama ensued in a quiet little town in Belgium.

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