Typographic love: Typophile Film Festival Opening Titles


Typophile is a community of type enthusiasts that covers everything on the topic. They've produced a series of Typophile Film Festivals, and although this opening title is a couple years old (it was released in 2009) it won't stop being amazing. It was made by a group of BYU students and faculty members, creating a fun video that appeals to all senses. It's really fun to watch, and is quite amazing to think that it was completely made without any computer generated graphics, only stop motion.

These opening titles are a clear result of pure type love, each section has been carefully produced and revolve completely around the letters, forms and display of the fonts in different applications. There's so much craft and precision behind it that it's admirable. It was shot with a RED One, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a Canon EOS 40D, and a Nikon D80. I can only think of how much fun the making of this video must've been!

And here are the other opening titles for the previous versions of the festival:

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