Industry News: UEFA Champions League Final image unveiled!

Industry News

For all football fans out there (soccer for the U.S. residents) the UEFA Champions League might be one of the biggest events of the year. While people are dreaming of an epic final match, designers are also interested for the branding aspect of the tournament. Works is the studio in charge of the whole event as they already have experience with sports events, including the last Champions League image and the South Africa World Cup.

Munich is the host city for this year's finale, and as inspiration they've taken some german influences as well as iconic landmarks of the city. The use of colours range from deep shades of blue to light greens creating abstract shapes in the german expressionism style and also a reference of the diamond shape of the Allianz Arena stadium where the match is going to be held.

It's a very impressive branding project, the overall look is very consistent and attractive besides of looking very modern. It's very adequate for such an important sports event, as it portrays a powerful image with a great display of design. The font used is a sans serif type with a modified letter N that cuts all the way down the tagline, following the geometrical look of the rest of the elements. All in all a beautiful branding work!



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