JAL Rebranding With Iconic Crane Logo

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Japan Airlines Corporation is trying something new, with something old. After becoming Japan's largest ever bankruptcy declaration, JAL has decided to return to their old logo, a crane shaped red "tsurumaru" which they hope will remind consumers of more prosperous times. The crane logo was in use from 1959 to early last decade, and will be replacing the current logo, a modern looking “JAL” cut through with a diagonal red and grey swoosh called “the Arc of the Sun" - a concept that was meant to represent Japan in the 21st century.

JAL crane logo

JAL President Masaru Onishi told reporters that JAL “wanted to convey the image that JAL has changed.The crane has long symbolized Japanese people’s noble spirituality and high sensitivity.”

This is the fifth time the JAL’s logo has changed in just over 60 years. The rebranding will begin on April 1st of this year.

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