The HTML5 Logo: Criticisms and Parodies

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HTML5 has been given a new logo, and like most attempts to re-brand, the new logo has been met with mixed reviews. The logo shows a shield in front of rays of light, with big block letters above indicating the HTML5. Web developer Lee Borkman said "I think it’s ugly as sin, I don't want unattractive and inappropriately retro design for my leading edge web standards."

Ian Jacobs, the W3C's head of marketing and communications, said the logo was supposed to represent the entire web n general. "The logo is intended to promote the broad set of technologies. It does not imply conformance or validity. It is not limited to the HTML5 specification."

But the controversy over the new logo goes deeper than just aesthetics. Developers and designers are debating not just the logo itself, but the need for a logo in the first place. GigaOM’s ‘The Truth Behind HTML5′s New Logo Fiasco‘ provides an excellent point-of-view on all the hubbub surrounding the logo, and the media presence of HTML5.

Naturally, the internet comedy wizards got right to work creating parodies of the HTML5 logo. Here are some of the best ones.


crazy html5 rabbit



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