Jane Walker? Yes, Johnnie Walkers New logo to Celebrate Woman's Day

jane walker Johnnie walker

Johnnie Walker has just launched a version of their label with a woman striding logo instead of a man and appropriately called Jane Walker. This is a first for the Johnnie Walker brand and it's appropriately done for a good cause. The Jane Walker label design will be in the US in March 2018 at the same time as women's History Month and International Women's Day. Johnnie Walker will donate $1 for every bottle of Jane Walker sold for up to the US $250K.

Jane walker Logo

The new logo design shows a woman in boots walking in that same iconic look as the original brand. It takes a keen eye to recognize at a glance its a woman on the label since our eyes so used to seeing the original logo. But its designed in the same manner as the original Johnnie Walker to keep the brand recognition relevant. We don't think it would have been appropriate to have her in a skirt or the use of pink color. 

Johnnie Walker brand is often perceived intimating to women, explains the vice president, they hope this softens and makes the brand more inviting to women.

What do you think? 

Jane Walker Label logo



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