10 Cool 3D Cube Logo Concepts

What are 3D Cube Logos?

3D Cube logos are the most basic three-dimensional shape and one of the most versatile when it comes to logo design. Cube logos are the best representation X, Y, Z, dimension. A well-designed cube logo can be transformed into unlimited business subjects, shipping Boxes, architecture, packaging, etc. If you have looked around our site, you can see our obsession with 3D cube logos, we simply love the sharp, clear look, but simplicity also makes it challenging to design a new concept since the shape seems a most common shape to begin with. To showcase some of our solutions, here are 10 Cube logo designs that work for different types of businesses.

 Modular Cube Logo | Pixellogo

Modular Furniture logo

The 3D-1057 Modular logo is designed for all things modular; whether its high-end technology or sophisticated modern furniture makers studio, this logo does the job well to represent such companies. The high gloss reflective finish would work perfectly to showcase companies cutting-edge techniques and the quality of their products.



Silver Box Cube Logo | Pixellogo

Graphic Design Studio Logo

This Cool Silver Metal Box logo with a colorful V cut out, works well for any type of design studio. The silver box represents a modern studio, a sort of high-end workspace, and the colorful V expresses creativity and the character of the talented people who work there.



Red Cube Architecture Logo | Pixellogo

Architectural Design Studio logo

We Love this contemporary red box design. This logo works perfectly for an Architectural design studio. The inner core of the box with walls in different angles hints at an out of the box creative thinking design studio.


Software Security Box Logo | Pixellogo

Software and hardware Security Logo

To express a high tech software and hardware company image, we designed this logo with inner and an out shell to define the two aspects of a companies specialization. The inner blue represents high-end software protected by a metallic shell that the software resides in. The outer shape of the shell of the logo with random shapes relates to an alien type of unique technology.


Data Storage box Logo | Pixellogo

Data Storage Logo

This 3D box of a data storage company shows a liquid inner core high tech storage system enclosed in a complex metal outer skin. 


3D Safe Box logo | Pixellogo

Modern 3D Safe Box logo 

With Security becoming more and more important and a daily stream of new security companies getting launched, we thought companies would love to showcase their technologies with a sleek cutting edge strong security logo.

Radio Show logo - Multimedia box | Pixellogo

Modern Broadcast Company Logo

Broadcast has come a long way since the days of Radio and TV options. These days anyone can broadcast from the comfort of their homes, to celebrate and help these small companies, we wanted to design this box with letters on each face. This logo will have an animated version too for youtube content posters.


Decoration box logo | Pixellogo

Modern Industrial Decoration Company Logo

This Cube logo with glass, metal and black plastic is designed for decorators, building product manufacturers and reseller.


Engineering Logo - 3D Form box | Pixellogo

High Tech Industrial Company Logo

This logo works in many types of industries whether it's software developers or hardware manufacturers or engineering or contracting companies, this logo will do justice to these businesses. The Liquid glass box being wrapped around by metal planes could be interpreted in many ways.



3D Printing Box | Pixellogo

3D Print Shop logo

3D printing technology companies are rapidly moving forward, and companies catering to print shops are in the upswing as well. We designed this 3D printing logo to give a hand with their logo design needs. The sleek metal box represents high-end technology, and the plastic red inner color shows the filament that the logo is printed with.


Sexy 3D logos - 3D Logo template | Pixellogo


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