Amazing Animated Logos

When it comes to creating an impression – and a logo that will linger in the memory – there’s nothing better than a slick animated logo. Here is a look at thirty of our favorite animated logos and what makes them stand out from the crowd. Some of the logos below are for big, corporate brands which you will have no doubt already heard of. Other logos were entries to design award competitions from talented up-and-coming logo designers we hope that they will all help inspire your logo design ideas. Which one is your favorite logo? Are there any other fantastic animated logos that you are aware of which did not make the list?

Google logo animation

With a company like Google with an unlimited budget, you'd expect no dime would be spared in creating a cool logo with all sorts of special effects, but a lot of times more is not better particularly with Google. Their whole business model is simplicity when it comes to representation, so we find their animated logo, clever, playful, clean and effective.

google logo animation

Gamecube logo Animation

This playful animated Gamecube logo makes a great first impression when the consoles starts up. Gamecube never made as large an impact as the Wii console that proceeded it but there are still some great titles worth checking out, such as Zelda: The Wind Waker, Resident Evil 4 and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. If you haven’t already done so, it is worthwhile giving the console a chance if you see it going cheap in bargain basements. Alternatively, keep your fingers crossed that emulated versions of the best Gamecube games will make their way to the Nintendo Switch.



Rocketgraph Logo Animation

Rockets are always fun to watch, whether, in real life or a animation, we just can't wait for it to take off, and the Rocketgraph animation does not disappoint, stylistically, aesthetically and it's just beautiful to look at and the message is not a let down either.

Rocket Logo animation


Fuuto Logo Animation

Fuuto animation was done by Pasha Motorin from Russia, this short minimalist logo animation is just too much fun to miss out on. You can't miss how much fun it must have been to create this little clip. If you observe closely, you can see the whole animation is done with a bold black line and it works quite nicely. These days we are bombarded with all sorts of special effects its nice to see that a simple story could be told in the most basic way and we still enjoy it just as much.

soccer logo animation

Bolt Logo Animation

dribble shot bolt animation

Imagine Imagery Logo animation by Pixellogo

When we were approached by our client Imagine Imagery studio to animate one of our static logos, we could not pass up the opportunity. We always loved to design and animation, the fact that we would animate a logo that we had designed made the project much more exciting. The logo already had some motion in built in the shape, we just had to make it move and tell a little story, in this case basically animate the camera lens to make it come to life and show the focus motion. Th results speak for themselves.

Imagine Imagery Logo animation by Pixellogo


By Pixellogo


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