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We are excited to launch our gif animated logo templates, although calling them templates might not be quite suitable for these files since customization on the animation is limited, these logos speak volume just as they are. Customers need to only add their company and save as a gif, and they are good to go.

Animated Shield Logo Rotating | Pixellogo

Rotating Shield logo

This Logo animation works great in its simplicity. Clean sharp lines that display a company initials, we wanted to slow down on each side so each letter can make an impression. We can also apply an icon on one site and logo icon on the other side have one or two letters, these types of changes come with additional cost, please contact us for a consultation and quote.
Animated Play Button logo | Pixellogo

Play Button Logo Animation 

We wanted to show a creative way of looping logo for music company and we came up with this idea of a play button line turning on itself. The Metallic play button colton can be changed to any color or texture.
Spinning Gear Logo Animation | Pixellogo

Chrome 3D Gear logo Animation 

This a cool spinning gear logo is suitable for high tech industrial company, the type inside the gears and the red color can be changed. This logo is available in all alphabet so if you are interested in a different letter, simply ask us.
Spinning Globe logo Animation | Pixellogo

Spinning Globe Logo Animation

We all love a spinning globe, but we wanted to do something a little extra by adding a rotating ring that translates into a an abstract satellite. This logo works well for mobile communication companies. 
Investment Company Logo animation | Pixellogo

Investment Company Logo Animation

This is a very elegant Investment company logo and the animation solution we applied to this 3d logo, works just as elegantly as the static version. The logo feels like a soaring eagle which is a great symbol for an investment company.
Interactive Company Logo Animation | Pixellogo

Orbit Multimedia Logo Animation

This is a cool X orbit logo redraw, in a 3 second animation we wanted to show a dynamic way the 3d logo comes together and we think it looks great, we also want to show the logo in its final shape, so we made the animation pause for 3 additional seconds to make a strong impression of the original logo design.
Radio Show Logo animation | Pixellogo

Broadcast Logo Animation

This is a great logo for a broadcast company. The simple spinning animation is done on purpose, the logo has four faces that can display four different letters that can be customized by us at no extra cost. We can also integrate your icon on one of the box face at an additional cost. The combination possibilities are endless, if you have a great idea, contact us.
Running Man Logo Animation | Pixellogo

Running Man Logo Animation

We love how with simple shapes the animation comes together, this logo works well for training solutions and delivery companies.
Technology company animation logo - spinning box | Pixellogo

Software Technology Logo Animation 

This is great logo for High tech company, whether its for software developer or hardware manufacturer. We love the way the logo animates by how inner core and outer shell come together.
Global Communication logo Animation | Pixellogo

Global Logo Line Animation

This minimalist globe logo with animated chrome line that loops into a globe is ideal for high tech communication company, import and export trading solution or travel agency. We love the simplicity of this logo animation.


Sexy 3D logos - 3D Logo template | Pixellogo

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