Logo Design: Colombia Unveils New Brand

Logo & Brand review

Colombia has upgraded their visual identity with this brand new campaign. Despite having changed their previous logo not too long ago (2007) they already went for another try, this time in a much bolder and colorful way. The previous look focused more on the de-mystification of the country to make it more approachable from a touristic point of view; their old slogan read "Colombia: the only risk is wanting to stay", as a way to break their international reputation back then.

Now Colombia wants to come through showing their true colors and what better way to do so than with a fresh new branding campaign that focuses on the pride of being Colombian, hence their new slogan: "The Answer is Colombia". Positioning themselves as a multicultural, vibrant and culturally rich country is a priority in this makeover and their advertising campaign aims to inhabitants alike to take pride on what their nation is really about. The graphic translation of this results in a colorful and complex logo that also includes variations to represent diverse elements that are important to showcase. The creators refer to this re-design as a new visual expression of the country with a warm and progressive language based on 4 fundamental principles: flexibility, affection, colorfulness and factual.

This new identity might be a bit busy for an institutional campaign but it's definitely attractive both for foreigners and Colombians from an advertising point of view. Each color chosen for the logo has a distinct meaning that read as follows: green for nature and the mountains, blue for the rivers and the ocean, violet from the national flower: the orchid, yellow for the gold and red to represent the passion and joy of Colombians. This certainly adds another dimension to the identity, as every element comes to reinforce the value of the country. What do you think about this new look?



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