Logo Design: LogoLounge trends for 2012

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LogoLounge has published their 10th annual trends report for this year, and after reviewing and dissecting over 30,000 logo designs from all over the world we can see quite a few interesting trends that are brewing up for the future. Let's take a look to a few of them. For the whole report you can go here.


For this year's 'organic' trend there is an arrival of watercolor designs. The nature of this technique refers to a certain sensibility and colorful lightness, and this style also allows for more delicate logos. The subtlety that watercolour can add to a design is perfect to create complex logos with rich textures without losing its simplicity.



The new DC logo might be the most emblematic example of this trend. The peel effect refers to the 'reveal' of a quality of the brand, a second dimension that needs to be stated in the company's logo. It also has this 'real' feel to it in the sense of something tactile as a retreating sticker peel.



This is an interesting trend brewing up that has part of its foundations on the 3D images that revived not too long ago. In this case the logos are mostly composed by two or more overlapping elements in different colors (not necessairly red and blue) to portray a dual character of the brand.

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A similar approach like the anaglyphs, this trend is based on the yuxtaposition of different elements with transparent overlay. The effect caused gives the designs a unified character but with distinction at the same time, where the elements can be recognized as a unity while being connected to the rest of the design.

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