Logo design news: E! gets a makeover

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After more than 20 years after its first airing, E! Entertainment Television is finally getting a makeover. The television channel is updating its look by a re-design of the brand and a fresh new tagline. Their current logo hadn't been modified since its launch, except for the 90's neon-versions before the iconic red and white one.

Previous logo versions

As for the logo touch up: the letter E finally expands over the exclamation mark, being now the exclamation mark itself. The bright red has been replaced by a glossy shade of black, a more attractive look that matches the character of the station's TV shows. The tagline is written in a thin sans serif type, contrasting the bold E, a nice combination with just a dash of color to make it pop out. So what do you think about the makeover? In my opinion it's a step up for E!, the new logo captures their style and it's a logic evolution on their previous one. Beautiful update!




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