Louis Vuitton’s Awesome New Monogram Logo Project

Do you love logos and monograms? Are you a huge fan of Louis Vuitton? If you love the iconic and unforgettable Louis Vuitton logo than you are going to absolutely love the new Louis Vuitton project that was just launched earlier in June.

The project is called ‘The Icon and The Iconoclasts: A Celebration of Monogram’ and it is a very special project instigated by Louis Vuitton to help them commemorate their world-famous monogram logo design. For this project, six world-famous designers have been asked to create a unique collection of bags and pieces of luggage with the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram logo. The six designers (Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubo) all come from various design backgrounds and I can’t wait to see what stunning new designs they come up with. Their unique pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage should be very original, mind-blowing and diverse. These designers are some of the world’s best and their new pieces of art created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton are expected to shock and awe the beloved Louis Vuitton consumer. How exciting? For more information on the project as well as brief bios of the individual designers, please visit the project’s website at icon.louisvuitton.com.

Delphine Arnault, the Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton, instigated this new and thrilling project along with her co-worker Nicolas Ghesquière whom is the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Collection. Delphine Arnault says,

“We were interested in people who work with their minds and their hands. I thought it was so interesting – and fun! – to have all of these different points of view on THE MONOGRAM. It is inspiring to see how they envision things, to see their perspectives. This is a group of geniuses.”

There is no doubt in my mind that these original pieces of art will be much sought out and coveted by the wealthy and most avid of Louis Vuitton fans. This collection is considered to be very exclusive and it will be released as a limited run. It might be hard to actually get your hands on one of these pieces but if you can, you will be one of the few people in the world to own a truly original Louis Vuitton piece of art.

If you are one of these people that must have the newest and best Louis Vuitton merchandise or if you simply have to see these new designs in stores before they are bought up, stay tuned for more updates as the collection is expected to be released sometime in mid-October 2014 in selected Louis Vuitton stores.


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