MIT Media Lab's New Algorithmic Logo

Logo & Brand review

MIT Media Lab Identity, 2010 from readyletsgo on Vimeo.

MIT Media Lab hired Brooklyn-based designers E Roon Kang and Richard The to come up with the perfect visual identity. The resulting logo is genius at work, an algorithmic logo that generates a unique image for each of the Lab’s team members. The logo has three intersecting spotlights that can be organized in any of 40,000 shapes and 12 color combinations using a customized algorithm.

MIT Media Lab logo

Designer Richard The says “the Media Lab has outgrown this notion of traditional media, with researchers working in areas ranging from human computer interaction to neurobiology or nanotechnology. Whatever ‘media’ means, it has been and will be defined at this place, in the next 5, 10, 20 years. The algorithmic logo is an effort to capture this dynamism.”

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