Modifying logo templates


A regular question that we get from our clients is if the name and colors can be changed on our logo templates.

Short answer is, of course, yes. We also provide full details in the Pixellogo Frequently Asked Questions page on this link.

Specifically, all text, names, and colors can be changed on all Pixellogo logo templates, even on the Pixellogo free logos. Additionally, our clients can also change the layout, font style, as well as modify the design structure itself. Though advanced graphic design experience is needed for modifying the design structure of our logo templates, but the point is that our clients ultimately have full control and flexibility on any of the logo templates they purchase from Pixellogo.

As for the software required to modify our logo templates, it depends on which logo template the client will be working with:

  • If the logo template is one of the Pixellogo 3D logos, then the the best software to use would be Adobe Photoshop because the 3D logos are provided in Photoshop Layer Format files (high and low resolutions included).
  • If the logo template is one of the Pixellogo Vector logos, then the client can use either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop since both the EPS and PSD files are provided to the client.
  • All font files are also provided of course.

Additionally, there's always the option of having our design staff do the modification service for an additional $ 29.00 USD modification fee which is an option that can be ordered through our site during the checkout process.

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