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The Demand for a unique logo has never been so significant, with so many companies trying to put themselves in the spotlight for their services or products. It has become an important issue for companies to develop the right logo for their corporate identity. With marketing sources for smaller companies getting more accessible and exposure and presentation so important, companies have a hard time to distinguish themselves from the rest. The responsibility lies with designers and companies to push the limits of creativity and come up with new fresh logo designs and corporate identity to separate themselves from the competition.

Fear of new logo design ideas

If you are a customer and looking for a new logo design and ask your designer to make your logo like your competitors, just because they are succeeding in their domain, you are setting yourself up for average success when it comes to standing out from the rest. Also, you are bound to get mediocre results when it comes to recognizability. You have failed already to set a new fresh ground for your companies success. As a customer, you need to be open to new fresh ideas when it comes to your logo design and your corporate identity. Most clients are afraid to take a chance and prefer to play it safe. Average ideas produce average results. Breaking new boundaries in logo design concepts should be the only primary goal. Put away your fears and push your designer to break new barriers.

Is your company unique in what you do and produce?

If your company service or product is so unique, then why would you have your logo design like everyone else? What's to gain from not standing out? Nothing! The statement you are making is that we are the same kind of company with the same type of services, so it's up to you to chose whichever you wish. Even if your company is the same as another company, selling the same type of service or product, you would still need to differentiate yourself from the others; you would still need to highlight whats different about your company, newer technology, better service, faster service, friendlier, state of the art, etc. The right logo can help you highlight these nuances. What's the difference between 2 gas stations you have never used before, two coffee shops right next to each other, you don't know anything about, or two dentists logos in a trade magazine? What makes you chose one over the other? These are places where the right logo with the right color, the right typeface will play the right psychological game. The question is, is your companies identity ready for it?

A company makes the logo and not the other way around.

Some clients expect the logo design to create all the magic for the companies success. That is one sure way to set yourself up for failure in your endeavor. If your product or service fails to deliver what it promises, any logo you use, even if its the worlds most beautiful logo, that logo will become a symbol for failure, poor service or sub-par product. The logo will not be able to save your company. This is true for all companies. If Nike made the worst running shoes in the world, no one would want a logo similar to Nike swoosh logo, but most clients believe the magic of Nike's success is its logo. You probably think you have once thought that way too. Don't worry most people including myself have felt that way.
Some companies have their corporate identity and redesigned their logo after a failed product or service to shed that lousy impression away. We see corporations even change the name of a product, along with a logo to present their product in a different light, to change public perception and to make a statement that this is a whole new product or service and it's much better.


How to communicate with your logo designer to get the best results?

Ask for or provide a detailed design brief.

All professional design studios have a design questionnaire that they like answered. Some companies prefer to prepare their own and provide the design companies. 

Discuss your project with your designer over the phone.

Discuss your project with your designer over the phone.
We recommend getting to know your designer, discuss the project over the phone, share your ideas and concerns. It helps to have a little closer relationship with your design company.

Give your designer freedom to explore and experimental new ideas.

Designers love to experiment and come up with new ideas, but they need some assurance from the client that they are open to new ideas, different solutions. Make sure you communicate that message with them; designers tend to thrive creatively in less strict parameters and produce better work.


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