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Automation or AI technology (artificial Intelligence) has been affecting all industries these days and some with better results than others, nevertheless the new wave of automated solutions is here, but it's not all exciting news. McKinsey Global Institute has released a report that by 2030 nearly thirty percent of jobs done around the world, can be automated. That's almost 375 million jobs that could be affected.


What is Automation?

Automation is the use of automatic equipment like machines or computers, backed by a large database of answers to do and find the best answers to complicated tasks. These extremely fast computers with a huge database are fed an enormous amount of data over the years, so, at any given time when an answer is needed for a particular problem, the computer can detect, assess the problem and provide the best possible solution. These machines also learn and adapt.

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Industries Affected or Utilizing automation or AI Technology

Transportation Industries

There is a race by huge corporations to perfect self-driving cars systems, which in turn not only will affect the way you commute to work and back, but big segments of driving services will virtually be eliminated and replaced by automated solutions. Uber is already on its way to replacing its drivers by self-driving cars, to start with, they have plans to buy up to 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo. That virtually will eliminate 24,000 uber drivers. Tesla's cars already have a great self-driving technology and its getting better, but their newly launched self-driving freight trucks that will eliminate approximately 3.5 million truck drivers in the future.

Software industries

Automation does not stop at self-driving cars though; software companies, including Java development services provider company, are advancing very quickly too. You might have noticed lately when you chat with an online company; you have a 50/50 chance you are chatting with a computer instead of a real person. These are not just canned answers though; these apps can answer a lot more complicated inquiries than you expect, well it might sound complicated to you, but since they have been asked the same questions many times, their database knows this problem and knows what's the best answer to satisfy your inquiries. Now they are developed so well and ready to be integrated into anywhere, starting from the websites where you can add them with the help of WordPress ChatGPT plugins and to logo designs.

Medical Research Institutions

Ai Technology has become extremely helpful tool to speed up medical research diagnosis and analytics. 


Automation in Creative Industry

Logo Design Automation?

Yes, we agree this sounds as unappetizing as an egg salad sandwich purchased from a sandwich dispenser machine.

The truth is, there already companies who are building sites to create a logo using AI tools on demand but the results are not encouraging, also as unappetizing as an egg salad sandwich, and we doubt it would get better any time soon. You see, the thing with automation is that it deals with data and not creative thinking. Data is what is fed to a computer, meaning the computer is filled with a set of answers, numbers or equations with solutions, but that does not mean new answers new logo designs. One logo design is one solution, it's not necessarily the best solution. So to get around this problem, they feed the computer with many logos for different subjects with the hope of a customer finding one they like. The logo design that is shown is what you are stuck with if you want to change a part of a logo to suit your needs, you don't have the choice of designer helping you achieve your vision. Your logo design is almost there, but it fails to deliver the message home. That's where things start falling apart.

This is a common theme when it comes to automated services, they come close to what you like but its never exactly what you want. It's never the exact logo design, or the exact answer you are searching for or the exact address you would like to be delivered.


Logo Template Solutions

When you are looking for a logo design solution with a limited budget but still would like to work with a designer to get your message fully across, automated solutions are not the answer. We have worked directly with 1000s of customers to give them the perfect logo, and it has worked beautifully. Customer starts with a logo template and saves a lot of money to start with, spends a little more for important alterations and they finish with a logo design they are proud of.

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