10 Amazing Eye Logo designs

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Eye Logo Design

Visual communication logos have been at the center of the high tech revolution. As the technology grows towards more visual transmission, especially on our phones and on our high tech screens, the broadcasters are after our visual field to catch our attention no matter where we are. Our eyes in return are trained to see what we would like to see and what to avoid quickly. There are a huge competition and pressure for designers and even the app designers to compete and grab our attention to sell their clients latest products or services. With all these Technological advances, eye logos and visually related companies are getting more widespread. We have seen more security and surveillance companies using high tech eye logos to showcase their cutting-edge technologies. Eye scan security systems getting more ubiquitous too and so are the demands for more high tech eye logos to represent these companies.

Eye Logo Concepts 

Pupil Logo - Super high tech 3D vision logo | Pixellogo

Virtual Reality Eye Ball logo

We designed this Pupil logo for holographic technology companies or software. We even made the logo look a little 3D to make it work for Virtual Reality gaming companies too. This logo will work great for Eye scanning technology, VR technology or visual technicians.

Real Eye Logo - realistic Eye Icon | Pixellogo

Realistic Eye Logo

"Vision Studios" Eye logo was created from a real photograph. It took many photos to create this one eye logo. We wanted to have all refection elements on separate layers so a designer can control the design much more efficiently. The final result speaks for itself. This logo can work for Video Production, film company, science magazines, etc.

Eye Scan Technology Logo - Digital Pupil logo | Pixellogo

Digital Iris logo

"Vuepass." As the name states, this Digital Iris logo was designed for eye-scanning technology for security companies specifically. It looks and feels high tech for a good reason; it supposes to serve cutting-edge technologies.

High tech Vision logo - Triangle pixelated pupil | Pixellogo

Triangle Mosaic Iris Logo 

Visutec Iris logo is composed of triangle pattern of different blues to create high tech look. This big tech Iris logo looks very simple as far as the shape goes, but encapsulates a beautiful texture that could work very nicely for visual software companies.

Eye Protection logo - 3D Eye Concept | Pixellogo

3D Security Eye Logo

This 3D eye logo was designed to represent security and protection.

3D Pupil Logo -Abstract Mechanical eye ball | Pixellogo

Technical Eye ball logo

This 3D eye ball logo was created to represent robotic vision technology, the different modular elements coming together is meant to symbolize Robotic manufacturing company.

High Tech Eye Logo - New Vision | Pixellogo

Monitoring Logo

This futuristic 3D Eye logo is meant to convey high tech surveillance logo. The 3D ring morphing on the ball shows 360 monitoring system. This logo looks and feel very modern and unique.

Pixel Eye Logo - Pixellated Pupil | pixellogo

Pixel Eye Logo

Pixel Iris logo was designed for digital software, or monitor calibration system. This logo is ideal for digital photography, digital communication or digital hardware companies.

Security Logo - eye Camera | Pixellogo

Aerial Security System logo

This logo was designed for aerial surveillance systems, mostly for drone with camera systems. The eye ball is set as a camera lens.

Eye Software Logo | Pixellogo

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