Stock Logos and how to find and use them

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What are Stock Logos?

Stock Logos are Catalog of pre-designed logos that you can purchase and use as your company logo. Stock logos which are also called Logo templates or pre-designed logos was first introduced by back in 2002. Back then it was called Liquid2d. The initial concept started out when we wanted to sell some of our logo concepts online in a catalog. These logos were not the final pick for the client, but they were different in concept and design so there was no conflict of interest with our client or any copyright infringement issues. These were logos just sitting in our sketchbooks, hence the name Stock Logos. These logos were not inferior to the chosen concepts we had presented to our clients; they were just different concepts.

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Where to find Stock Logos?

There are few trusted Stock logo Companies, but we have seen too many unscrupulous designers to recommend any company besides Pixellogo.

How to pick the right stock logo company?

When it comes to picking the right company, here are five tips on how to eliminate the bad from the good. Quick tips on things you should know before handing over your credit card number.

  1. - Almost all online businesses are after the American Market and consumer, so some companies show American flag on their site and list an "American Address," to fool the customer. But most of the time they are from countries where ethics and laws are a rare commodity. How can you check? Simply copy their domain name, go to and do a quick search.
  2. - Check the contact us page, most of the times there is no physical address for that "Big Design Agency."
  3. - If there is no phone number listed on the site or in the contact us page, avoid them like the plague.
  4. - If they have a phone number, call them and see if anyone responds, leave them a message, see if they call back. 
  5. - 60% Off sale, yes we are sure they have unicorns as pets too... Also, why would anyone buy a logo from a company that sells their "design Services" for 60% less? If their designs were any good, they wouldn't need to.

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Can I copyright stock logos?

There are two types of stock logos offered online, logos sold as templates, which means, the logo is sold to other customers too, hence the minimal price of $29. The other type is Exclusive logos or stock logos, in this case, it means its sold once and removed from the catalog. Exclusive logos can be copyrighted and fully owned, some companies like provide a letter of ownership transfer, meaning you rightfully purchased the logo from them and you are free to own and copyright it.

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Can I Customize Stock logos?

All Logos are customizable; if you are a graphic designer, you won't have any issue customizing any of the vector logos. If you are not a graphic designer, it would be best to contact the original designer to customize it for you, especially if it's an intricate logo and the customization is extensive.

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