Drone Company Corporate Identity Project by KIND

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This is a sublime corporate Identity Project, designed by KIND.
The company builds state of the art drones for military applications that could be used of search and rescue missions. The company has built a series of drones with various weights for different applications. The Technology has already been approved by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.

Drone Logo Design

This state of the art Drone needed a serious corporate identity and a logo design. KIND Branding company took on the project and produced an exquisite drone logo. The Logo has a perfect balance of masculinity and high tech aesthetic to make it work perfectly. The unusual copper orange color gives the identity a unique look.

Griff Logotype

The Chosen font for this project looks like its based or inspired by Copperplate Bold, but customized and modernized for this project, we think it works great, to shows strength and exudes stability and draws its design line details from the logo. It does not overpower the Griff logo, it works perfectly with the full identity.

The Griffin Logo Design

When it came to the symbol to represent the project, the Griffin was the obvious choice. Griffin is a mythical creature with a head of an eagle, and a body of a lion was just the perfect symbol. The eagle representing strength, power, and agile flight machine. The lion for its strength, authority and a leader. When the whole logo concept was simplified and designed to one continuous line, the results were simply majestic. It carried the mythical concept of the creature but transformed it a modern icon for a high tech company.

The 3D Logo Effect

The 3D logo effect applied to this logo cannot but any more appropriate, the chiseled look gives the nod to historical design element but still works for a modern age technology company.

Here is what CEO Tom Emil Olsen said about this Project: ‘KIND focused on communicating the ultra high-end quality of GRIFF Aviation’s UAS systems. The technology that GRIFF Aviation has brought to the market is above and beyond anything that has come before. 
‘The griffin, which inspired the GRIFF Aviation name, is a legendary creature said to possess the combined strengths and qualities of a lion and an eagle. I am sure that, given the unique performance, qualities and benefits their systems possess, that the name GRIFF Aviation will soon become legendary in the marketplace as well.’

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