5 Ways to Enhance Your Logo Design and keep it Relevant

Like all things, logos get old too and need changing or updating. This is all too common of an occurrence. Almost on a daily basis, we hear a company have changed or updated their logo for one reason or another. We have seen this problem many times, and by the time a company realizes the issue, it's usually too late. The damage is already done to their image and reversing the course takes time.

Their signage looks worn out, colors faded and general styling has not kept up with times. We also see the new sleek new company for the same product or services across the street and get excited to walk into the new one instead of the one that has not kept up with times. That's the issue really, if your company look and feel has not kept up with new trends, what are the chances your product and services are the latest and best of whats on the market. This does not take a genius to figure out, but a lot of companies wake up a bit too late to this fact.

Pinpoint some of the issues with your logo

A lot of times the change does not have to be too drastic, complicated or costly. You just need to hire a designer and show them your current designs and ask to propose a few new samples. Refreshing a design a lot of time is not as costly as commissioning a new design. If you are working on a bigger budget, try hiring from a remote recruiting agencies and see how they can help your companies image, by updating your logo and corporate identity.

The first thing you need to know when your logo is looking dated compared to your competition is to find out what are some of the issues, the color? Type? Shape? Design in general? Here are great examples of do over and their results.


Juventus logo before and after

Simplify and Bolden the Design

Here is a great logo update that was done perfectly. We are sure when this logo was released, not all fans were happy about it. Team Sports Logos create a lot of emotional attachment. But it doesn't take long to see the strength of this logo and start falling in love with it. After a minute you'd realize why the change was made and how well this logo design works.


starbucks logos

Logo Color Update

Here is the history of Starbucks logo color evolution over the years. Their first logo in coffee brown color must have been the perfect choice when the company was launched. But as soon as the company started succeeding, having a brown color logo that most other coffee makers used, did not help them with standing out from the bunch. Green and black was a unique solution to start with and eventually, with all their success, one color was more than enough, so much so that they don't even need to have their company name written next to it to get recognized. 


US SKI Team logo
Sharpen the Message

Since Snowboarding got accepted into the Olympics, the old logo did not have the capacity to convey the message for both skiing and Snowboarding competition, so a redesign was necessary to drive the message home. 

Font Update

Charity Stars logo and font update look like a no-brainer, the logo loses a little bit its glamour in the process, but the overall effect of the new logo will leave a much more lasting impression than the old one. 

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