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There is something about New York City that just blows my mind. With its energetic buzz, its dazzling personality and its vibrant style, New York City never ceases to make my heart stop and my camera shutter perpetually flutter. With each visit, NYC’s desultory nature and its eclectic urbanity invariably sends all of my senses into overdrive. Walking around these city streets, you can’t help but dream and be inspired by all that is around you.

New York City radiates creativity and each borough has something special to offer. Last weekend, I found myself once again entranced by NYC and its unique design culture. Here is a short overview of three spectacular places that I happened to stumble upon in the East Village, Williamsburg and Soho. Each of them is a testament to New York City's contemporary style and innovative design ideas.

Beauty Bar

Bordering the East Village, Beauty Bar in Manhattan is a funky, offbeat kind of place. Formerly known as the Thomas Beauty Salon, this now uber-trendy and hip bar was once a classic beauty salon where New York women gathered to have their hair done, their nails painted and gossip. Transformed in 1995, Beauty Bar has kept Thomas Beauty Salons’ original 50's and 60's aesthetic and it has since been become a must-see in New York City.

Both inside and outside, Beauty Bar looks like a classic 1960’s beauty parlor. Still decorated with some of the salon’s original chrome-domed hair dryers, vintage salon chairs and kitch 50’s chandeliers, Beauty Bar is a dashing throw back to the 50’s and 60’s era. A New York hipster crowd now lines its thoughtfully designed walls every weekend. Whether you want to read a glam mag, dance yourself silly in Beauty’s back room or get a late-night manicure, Beauty’s is definitely a bar not to be missed.

Beauty Bar NYC's exterior design

Beauty Bar NYC's interior design

The above two photos were taken by Youngna Park of New York NightLife.

Beauty Bar NYC interior design

Beauty Bar NYC interior design

The above two pictures are from the Beauty bar website.


Barcade is another unique NYC bar concept with a signature design style. From the outside, Barcade doesn’t really look like much. Tags adorn the entrance way walls while slews of Williamsburg hipsters spill out onto the sidewalk. But enter and you will find a spacious bar rocking a distinct NYC grunge design, sculpted around an ingenious concept.

Lining the walls of this airy, loft-like space are scores of some of the world’s finest old school arcade games. Droves of Williamsburg hipsters donning skinny jeans and mustaches line up for their chance to play some of the most classic video games of all time. From Donky Kong, PacMan and Astroids to Moon Patrol, Frogger and Punch out!, this bar is amazing. Its industrial-chic décor is accompanied by a selection of 20 microbrews including many local beers.

Barcade Brooklyn's facade

Barcade Brooklyn's interior design

The above two photos were taken by Andrew Karcie of New York NightLife.

La Esquina

La Esquina is hands-down my favourite place to eat in New York City. I love tacos and lets face it, up here in Canada, we just don’t know how to do it right. Not only is La Esquina's Mexican cuisine amazing but its 1920’s dinner style façade is to die for. Sticking out from among Soho’s elegant sophistication is this gem whose mere sight will bring a smile to your face. Sitting high atop one of their bar stools, you can feast on some of the best fish and pulled pork tacos that you have ever had. La Esquina’s Spanish ambiance, its fabulous décor and amazing food definitely all get my two thumbs up.

La Esquina facade

La Esquina interior design

The above two images are from the La Esquina website.

la Esquina interior

These are just three out of potentially hundreds of unique New York City restaurant and bar designs and concepts. NYC’s art is championed, its music scene unrelenting and its fashion culture pushes boundaries and sets trends the world over. Go visit. I promise that you won’t regret it.

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