Olympic Athletes in Motion: Coded Animation


Athletes from all over the world are preparing for the London's Olympics that are just around the corner (it's almost April, seriously??), and not only sports' fans can be excited about them, art lovers can expect a little treat here and there; such huge event now overtakes the entire world's attention with both competitions and related cultural events. The impressive work of Quayola and Memo Akten falls in the latter, a code-based animated video that translates the movement of athletes into deconstructed and abstract animations. The display of this videos alone are quite beautiful, but when you see the comparison with the original videos (from the athlete, that is) it all falls into place.

The results resemble the cubist style with the deconstructed shapes (like Duchamp's painting i.e.) and surely make an impact. The bold colours and hard angles sure make an impression and are almost mesmerizing, specially when you can figure out what's the precise gesture they're translating into geometric forms. The work is called Forms and is part of the In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford, which runs from March 9th to September 2nd 2012 and explores the “capture and synthesis of movement.” The results are generated abstract animations from the athletes’ motion using 3D Studio Max and custom software. The resulting animations are a study of the relationship between the human body and movement at the extreme end of physical exertion, creating an aesthetic of the mechanics behind these movements.

Check out the videos they are absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful, wish I was in London to see them live!


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