When mainstream brands are just too mainstream: Hipster Logos

Design & Style

Hipsters are taking over the design world. We've seen their style overtake the design trends with their retro looks, mostly vintage lettering, use of western inspired ornaments and diverse 'dorky' elements such as nerd glasses or old school moustaches (probably the most recognizable feature of a hipster). Taking this into mind, swiss designer Dave Spengeler has re-designed some iconic brands into hipster visual language. It's a pretty fun experiment, full of sans serif type in capital letters, minimalistic ornaments (hopefully just fine lines) and bulky retro fonts. Hipsters or not some of these logos look actually pretty good (I specially like the KFC and the Oreo ones), so kudos to the author for such an example of not taking things too seriously (which a lot of hipsters may not consider).


Via Whitezine


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