Paul Rand's Rejected Ford Logo

Logo & Brand review

In 1966, Paul Rand, the designer of many iconic logos including IBM, ABC, Westinghouse, and UPS, was hired by Henry Ford II to update the famous scripted oval Ford logo.

paul rand ford logo

After Rand submitted his work, Ford changed his mind and decided against it. According to Allen Hurlburt, a designer and writer, “After extensive research and considerable design exploration, a new style was worked out, and a handsome printed and bound presentation was prepared in a limited edition for the eventual review by Henry Ford II. After some deliberation, Mr. Ford finally decided that, when it came to the family name, what was good enough for his grandfather was good enough for him.”

Steve Heller, graphic design historian and the author of the book “Paul Rand" wrote that “according to Rand, it was too radical a switch.”
The famed Ford logo is known as the Centennial Blue Oval and remains true to the original design of C. Harold Will.

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