Pixellogo Sweepstakes: Win an Ipod Nano Multitouch!


Win an Ipod Nano from Pixellogo

Here at Pixellogo, we love, ABSOLUTELY love Christmas and since we think it's a great injustice that it comes on only once a year, we've decided to have our own Christmas once a month for the whole year!!!!

So, from now on we're going to hold the Pixellogo Sweepstakes at the start of each month where we are going to offer prizes to at least 5 lucky Facebook fans of Pixellogo and these prizes will be available only to our Facebook fans - and anybody who can make us a fantastic steak and cheese sandwich (heavy on the mustard please)!

So without any delay here are the Sweepstakes details:
* One Pixellogo Facebook fan will win A brand new IPOD NANO MULTI-TOUCH.
* Five EVEN LUCKIER fans will win one Non-Exclusive logo template each from the Pixellogo collection.

How do you participate? Easy! Simply become a Pixellogo Facebook Fan by going to this link, locate the post which announces the sweepstakes on our wall, and then click on the "Like" button of this post and you're in!

We have one restriction and that is Pixellogo employees and their family members are not participate - that's because we all already have Ipods! LOL

The contest ends and the winners will be announced here on the Pixellogo Facebook page September 30, 2010.

Good luck everybody!

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