Six of the Oldest Logos in the World

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A company’s logo is a vital element of every business. There is no way to better demonstrate this than to look at some of the longest standing logos in the world. These logos have tremendous staying power and they have lasted over the changing trends and changing market demands of several decades. 


The Bass Ale logo was first used in 1876. It is a simple triangle logo that has made a big impression over the last century. Bass is one of Britain’s leading beer producers and its logo was the first registered trademark ever issued by the British government. Their simple red geometric triangle is recognizable around the world and the red of its logo stands for energy and passion. 


Levis is one of the world’s most famous clothing companies and their logo first appeared in 1886. For decades, the Levis logo featured two-horses and in fact, many of Levis early customers would often refer to Levis as “those pants with two horses.” Levis’ famous red tab logo was first introduced in 1936 and it is still the symbol that is instantly recognizable by all on a pair of denim jeans. 


The world famous Sherwin-Williams earth logo being covered in paint was first used in 1905. Sherwin-Williams is one of the world’s largest manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of paint.


The Heinz logo first appeared in 1869 and it really hasn’t changed that much since. Today, the Heinz logo still uses a similar custom typeface as the original Heinz logo. Their present logo also still has the same size and shape as the original logo. The red on the Heinz logo represents their iconic ketchup while the white on their logo represents excellence and its superiority quality. 


The Johnson-Johnson logo was first used in 1887. Their logo uses a handwritten, script logo that was modeled after the signature of one of the founding brothers of the Johnson-Johnson brand. 


The Stella logo is the oldest logo that I have ever heard of and it supposedly first appeared in 1366. The Stella logo features a horn that was once used as the symbol of travelers in Belgium. The Stella logo also still features the same red, white and gold colors that were used in the original logo. 

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