8 Free Resume (CV) Templates for Designers available for Download


Having an excellent resume presentation is essential for everyone. It is your introduction sheet to your future employer and it should be the best that it possibly can be. Today’s tough and competitive job market can be really hard to crack and an outstanding resume (CV) presentation can really make a huge difference on whether you get that coveted interview or not.

For designers especially a well prepared and presented resume can really make or break it for you. It is your chance as a designer not only to outline your skills but also to actually show off some of your design flare, taste and capabilities with a simple sheet of paper. If you were an employers looking for a new graphic designer or art director, would you even consider interviewing someone that turns in a resume make in Microsoft Word? No way! Really, your choice is simple. If you are anyone in any type of creative field you need to have an eye-catching resume that will quickly capture the attention of your future employer and help you to stand out from your competition. With the help of a top-notch resume builder, you can effortlessly create a standout resume that highlights your creativity and expertise, setting you apart from the competition.

A good creative resume should be simple, easy to follow and clean.  It should be professional and modern with a nice pop of color. It should demonstrate your creativity, your style and your good taste. Personally, I really like CVs that have bold headers and possibly even your logo. Bringing immediate focus to a logo design is a fantastic way to give your future employer a glimpse at your creativity and style. I also really like creative resumes that have a bar graph or chart section for outlining your skill level. I think that this is a great way to add a little flare, color and imagination to your resume.

Here are 8 Free Resume (CV) Templates for Designers available for Download. These free CV templates are fantastic and they can help you get started with your job hunting right away.

Creative Resume by Fernando Báez
Fernando Báez free resume download

Resume by Georgian-Sorin Maxim
Georgian Sorin Maxim free resume download

CV / Resume by Hadi Reda
Hadi Reda free resume download

Simple Resume by Jonny Evans
Jonny Evans free resume download

CV Mock Up by Maisie Everett
Maisie Everett free CV download

3-Piece Modern Resume by Rafal Kozera
Rafal Kozera free CV download

Hexagon Vita by Sven Kaiser
Sven Kaiser free CV download

Free Resume Template by Unique Graph

Unique Graph free resume download

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