What's most important? Logo icons or logotypes?

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A logo is one of the most important elements of a business. A logo is a design or symbol that is used by a company so that its customers can instantly and easily recognize their business. A logo is the principle symbol that customers see and that they come to associate with a company. A good logo should use symbols and images that best describe the particular values of a business while also creating a memorable association with the brand and the products that they have to offer. 

A logo is usually made up of two parts: a symbol and a logotype. The symbol in a logo is usually an icon or image that should be unique and memorable. The logotype in a logo is the typeface that a company decides to use for their company name.

Today, I want to do a little experiment with you. 

How important is the symbol/image in a logo and how important is the logotype? What do customers see more often and what do they instantly recognize? This exercise is a very valuable lesson in the importance of using a strong and memorable logo to represent your business. 

First, let’s look at the logotypes below. If I remove the logo symbol, can you still identify the brand with only its name? Can you even remember the symbol each company uses if you only see the logotype? How important are the fonts and colors that each company decides to use to make their logotype unique and memorable?


Now, have a look at the logo symbols below? How many logos do you recognize when I remove the company’s name and their logotype? Is the company’s icon as recognizable when it is just used alone?

Amazing isn’t it! Now, what do you think is more important in a logo? The logo symbol or the logotype? It is very important not to underestimate the importance of logos in our society. Be sure that your logo is a good representation of your business as your company’s logo is what customers see first and it is what they will remember well into the future. 


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