Stationery templates

Stationery templates

Along with the launch of the new Pixellogo website, we decided to discontinue our old collection of stationery templates and introduce a completely new stationery template collection based on new design trends and corporate identity layouts.

As with our previous stationery templates, the new sets consist of business card, letterhead, and envelope design, and are fully customizable and can be modified to match any corporate branding look. Additionally, we've ensured that the new stationery template sets are all laid out in an easy and seamless layout so that if a client decides to do the modifications themselves, they will be able to do so without any hassles or difficulty - the stationery templates can be easily modified using the software Adobe Illustrator or any other vector graphics software.

The new Pixellogo stationery template sets include:

Pixellogo Stationery Template ST-032
Stationery Template ST-032

Pixellogo Stationery Template ST-024
Stationery Template ST-024

Pixellogo Stationery Template ST-019
Stationery Template ST-019

Pixellogo Stationery Template ST-013
Stationery Template ST-013

Pixellogo Stationery Template ST-009
Stationery Template ST-009

Pixellogo Stationery Template ST-003
Stationery Template ST-003

We've got lots more of trendy stationery template sets and we'll be adding more soon, so check the Pixellogo website regularly to review all our new releases.

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