The new Hershey Company logo is getting a bad ‘wrap’ on Twitter.

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If you love chocolate than you most definitely have heard of the Hershey Company. What started out as the maker of the infamous Hershey’s chocolate Kiss, the Hershey Company has had much success and today, it is a massive global candy and snack producer with over 80 individual brands bearing their signature ‘Hershey’ name. 


In an effort to make their brand more cohesive and consistent across all of its brands, the Hershey Company has announced the creation of a new logo and visual identity system that shows its brand evolution from that of a small chocolate maker into a massive snack conglomerate. The new Hershey branding has been put into effect immediately and it will soon be seen on all of their advertising, websites, in their stores and even in their corporate office spaces. 


The Hershey Company's old logo design:


The Hershey Company's new logo design:


Almost as soon as the Hershey Company announced the arrival of their new logo in their press release, Twitter lit up with action. The new Hershey logo has created quite the controversy as many people have termed the new Hershey Company logo a “steaming pile of poo”.



What do you think? Does the new Hershey Company logo look like a “steaming pile of poo”?


The new logo and visual identity for the Hershey Company was created by the Hershey Global Design team and goDutch, an OHIO-based design company. The changes to the new logo are subtle. Using the old Hershey’s logo as its building block, the new logo is simpler than the old logo design with a sort of more modern retro-style feel. The new Hershey’s logo is also more contemporary, more corporate and more recognizable. 


Personally, I didn’t see the steaming poo reference right away. To me, the symbol of a Hershey’s Kiss is so classic in my mind that I instantly knew what the ‘steaming pile of poo’ was supposed to be in the new logo. In all fairness however, if you aren’t such a fan of snacks and you didn’t grow up jamming your face full of sweet Hershey Kisses, then I can definitely see how they symbol can be misconstrued as a ‘steaming pile of poo’. If you can pull your head out of the gutter tho and look at this logo objectively, I do think that it is a nice improvement to the old Hershey’s logo. It is a more cohesive logo design and I really like how the new logo uses a custom font by Alexander Design Associates. I especially love some of the subtle touches that were added to some of the letters in this typeface such as the ‘J’, ‘R’ and ‘Q’. Repeating the Hershey name twice seems a little redundant to me but overall, it works. I am sure that the people at AirBnB are breathing a small sigh of relief right now as, at least of the time being, some of their negative logo attention has subsided and instead diverted to Hershey.



Custom font created by Alexander Design Associates



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