How much does logo design cost?

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This is a very common question for both customers and designers. As a customer, most people have no idea how much your average logo design costs. If you’re a designer, how to you put a price on your logo designs? How do you make sure that you aren’t undercharging for all of your creativity and hard work? Most designers struggle with the pricing of their products so don’t worry if this sounds like you. You are not alone.

Everyone, clients and designers alike, must first understand that every project is different and as such the price of every individual project will invariably vary. So then, how do you come up with a price for a logo design? Here are a few general guidelines that you should follow when you are setting your prices. These tips should help to give both you and your clients an idea as to how the pricing for their next logo design project should be broken down.

Intended use for the design
A client should expect and be prepared to pay quite a bit of money for a custom logo design project. A logo is a symbol that will become the face of a company. It is a symbol that its customers will come to know and that will be printed on everything associated with a company from their signage, letterheads and business cards to their website, company cars and employee t-shirts. If you are planning on hiring a logo designer to create a custom logo for your business, as with anything that is created by an artist, you have to expect to pay to use their work on all of your advertising media.

Experience and Expertise
If you are just starting out as a logo designers, obviously the price that you will charge for a new logo design will be lower than that of a designer with 10+ years of experience.

Speed of Delivery
If a client needs a logo ASAP, you should charge them more. Rush jobs are always more expensive than regular work.

Current Economic Situation 
As a designer, you might not think about this that often but the current economic situation has a big influence over your entire industry. If everyone is struggling in a recession, don’t expect to get top-dollar for your designs. Adjust your prices based on what your clients realistically have to spend.

Remember that every project is different however I hope that these few tips above will help to guide you in setting prices for your logo design projects.

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