Top 10 Best Google Doodles and Google Logos

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Google is a great company. They are inventive, original, and they are leading the world in ideas, innovation and technology. They are a company that keeps us all on our toes and Google Doodles are a perfect example of this.

Google Doodles are entertaining illustrations and games created by Google. Have you ever gone to the Google website and instead of the normal Google logo, you see a fun and sometimes even an interactive version of the Google logo? This is a Google doodle. Google doodles are an amusing way that Google has come up with to celebrate holidays and the lives of many different famous and important people.

Over the years, the Google team has created over 2000 doodles or variations of the Google logo. Here are the Top 10 Best Google Doodles and Google Logos:

Pac-Man Google Doodle Pac-Man Google Doodle

Pac-Man Google Logo

This Google Doodle is my all-time favorite Google Doodle. It was the first interactive Doodle that Google released in celebration of Pac-Man’s 30-year anniversary. It is the perfect logo adaptation by Google as it a simple and fun idea mixed in with a bit of history to celebrate a wonderful invention.
Google Doodle: Moog synthesizer Google Doodle: Moog synthesizer

Moog Synthesizer Google Logo

This is another fantastic and interactive Google Doodle. It is an adaptation of the Google logo in celebration of Robert Moog’s 78th birthday. Can you guess who is Robert Moog? That’s right, he is the inventor of the synthesizer. This was a super fun Google Doodle where users can bang away on the keys in the logo and pay tribute in their own way to this awesome inventor.

Jim Henson Google Doodle Jim Henson Google Doodle

Jim Henson Google Logo

I love this Google Doodle. It marked Jim Henson’s 75th birthday and I could imagine a better birthday gift to a better man.
Google Doodle: Alan Turing Google Doodle: Alan Turing

Code Cracking Google Logo

Alan Turing is considered the father of computer science and this interactive logo was Google's tribute on his 100th birthday. What is it? It is a digital Turing Machine and Google users were invited to give this crazy invention a try.
Google Doodle: Canoe 2012 Summer Olympics Google Doodle: Canoe 2012 Summer Olympics

Canoe Slalom Google Logo

In celebration of the 2012 London Olympics, Google created this exciting doodle where users could have a blast navigating a canoer down a slalom course.
Star Trek Google Doodle Star Trek Google Doodle

Google Star Trek Tribute

Do you love Star Trek? If you do, you’ll love this Google Doodle that celebrates Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary.

Zamboni Google Doodle Zamboni Google Doodle

Zamboni fun with the Google Logo

Have you ever wanted to drive a zamboni? I think this might be every Canadian man’s dream. Ha! Google sort of made this happen with their zamboni doodle which they called “the icy adventure that puts you in the hot seat”.

BasketBall Google Doodle BasketBall Google Doodle

Basketball Google Doodle

This is one of the sports tribute Google Doodles that has been created over the past few years. Users can have fun scoring baskets by simply pressing their space bar. Another great sports Google Doodle is the Soccer Shoot Out.

Day of the Dead Google Doodle Day of the Dead Google Doodle

Day of the Dead Google Logo

This Google Doodle was only released in Mexico but what a great idea. I love how decorative and spooky this doodle is.
Amelia Earhart Google Doodle Amelia Earhart Google Doodle

Amelia Earhart Google Logo

This is a wonderful Google doodle to commemorate Amelia Earhart. Released on her 115th birthday, this Google doodle celebrates her legendary aviation achievements.

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