20 Creative Animal Logos

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Animals are a very common theme in logo design. Many companies around the world use animals in their logos because animal logos are catchy, cool and memorable. Animal logos are especially great because they catch the eye of your clients while they also instantly give your company a distinct personality and character.

When you are deciding on an animal to use in your logo design, it is important to consider the reaction that that animal will incite in your clients. You want to be careful not to choose an animal with a negative reputation or connotation. You should choose an animal that has a favorable reputation and you can use your creativity in making it distinct and unique. If, for example, a company wants to portray itself as fun and easy-going, they might choose to use a monkey in their logo as most people associate monkeys with playfulness, curiosity and entertainment. Or, a company that wants to seem very wise might choose to use an owl in their logo design. What animal would you use to represent your company? Would you want to be clever like a fox, speedy like a gazelle, strong like an elephant or elegant like a butterfly?

Here are 20 Creative Animal Logos that will hopefully inspire you in your own animal logo design search and creation. Look at each of these animal logos carefully and think about how you feel and what type of company do you think it is. Remember that the logotype that you use for your logo is also very important and that fonts can be used very effectively to manipulate the style of your logo in one direction or another. Please note that a few of the logos below are available for purchase.

Rabbit logo design

Elephant logo

Phoenix bird logo

Cheetah logo design

Vet and Veterinarian logo

Owl logo

Elephant Logo

Paw logo

Butterfly logo

Bear logo design

Fox 3D logo design

Rooster logo

Squid and fishing logo

Butterfly logo

Lion logo

Fishing and Salmon logo

Chicken Restaurant logo

Dog inspired logo

Sheep logo design

Bird logo

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