Tutorial: How to Create a Trendy Retro-style Banner Logo

For the past few years, there has been a visible and growing logo trend. What is it? Can you guess? That is right, it is for logos that are created in a retro and vintage style. One of the essential elements in these types of logos is a banner. Today, I am going to teach you how you can easily create a retro-style banner in Illustrator. With these nine easy steps, you can quickly and easily create a banner of your own.

How to Create a Banner Logo

1. Create a new Illustrator document that is 500px by 500px.

2. Choose your font and color. Type the letters of your company or your brand across the middle of the screen.

3. Using the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle below your text. Choose a color for your rectangle that will contrast well with the text color that you choose in step 2.

4. Zoom in on the right side of your design. Create another smaller rectangle to the right of the large rectangle that you created above. Move this smaller rectangle down a few pixels.

5. Using the pen tool, add a new anchor point to the middle of this new smaller rectangle.  

6. Use the direct selection tool to select this new anchor point. Drag this new anchor point in towards your design. This will create the flying ribbon effect for your banner.

7. Select your flying ribbon effect. In the main tool bar (at the top of the screen), go to Object -> Transform - Reflect. Reflect a copy of it and move it to the left side of your banner.

Do you want to make your banner curved?

8. If you do, select all of the elements in your banner design. In your main tool bar, go to Object -> Envelope Distort -> Make with Warp.

9. In the window that pops up, choose ‘Arc’ and put 10% on ‘Bend’. Click ok and voila!

There you have it folks. Your very own retro-style banner in 9 easy steps. Now, it is up to you to use your creativity. You can add stars, a slogan or any other elements to make this logo your very own. For more logo design ideas, visit the Pixellogo website.

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