Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a New Logo Today

Repeat after me… “McDonalds, Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola”. Can you see their logos in your mind as you say these company names out loud? I certainly can. All of these extremely successful businesses have strong identity and this is what you should be aiming for with your business and your logo. Having a great identity is critical for your business and to overlook this simple fact, is a HUGE mistake for any small businesses.

A successful identity is defined as a visual representation of your business that is simple, unique, memorable, timeless and versatile. If your logo isn’t this already, it is time to redesign. If it looks old or out-of-date, it is time to redesign. If it looks just like your competitions, it’s time to redesign. If you are using different logos for your business cards, your letterheads and on your website, it is time to redesign. Stop confusing your customers and start making the smart choice by investing in a new identity design for your business today!

If you are still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why your company needs a new logo:

A strong logo is your chance to make a killer first impression

A logo is something that should be taken very seriously. A company’s logo is its first impression, its introduction and its sales voice. It is often the first thing that a customer sees and it should be a reflection of a company’s core business values and the company’s strengths. It should communicate with customers and leave them wanting for more. If you think that your identity is lousy or that it poorly represents your business, don’t wait any longer. Now is the time to redesign.

A strong logo lays the foundation for the future

A well-designed identity says to your customers that you are professional, committed and that you care about your work. It shows that you have dedicated yourself to every detail of your business and that you are 100% committed to your product, service and your customers. A strong identity lends much credibility to a business and it makes your customers feel comfortable from the get-go. This will prove to be invaluable later on as your customers will trust your expertise and commit to you time and time again.

A strong logo makes you stand out from your competition

Do all of your competitors have similar logo designs? This happens often in certain realms of business. For example, many lawyers use the scales of justice in their logos and many landscapers use trees in their logo designs. Though it is important to choose a logo that accurately reflects your business, your logo needs to be unique and different from that of your competition. Think about it… if your logo falls within the norms of your competition, it will never get noticed. Make sure that you choose a logo that is catchy, striking and memorable. Having a unique logo will give you an edge over your competition as your customers will eagerly choose you over the guy next door.

A strong logo shows that you are continually growing, adapting and evolving with the times

Would you work with a company that has a logo that looks like it was created in the 80s? Although you might think that this is good as it tells your customers that you’ve been around for a long time, you are very wrong. In fact, having an outdated logo tells your customers that you are old, rusty and passé. In contrast, a modern logo design tells your customers that you are very much in tune with the times and that you are constantly evolving to keep up with modern technology. If you’re an older company that is still using it’s old logo, it’s time to redesign. Don’t be scared. Even all the big companies like Nike, Target and Volkswagen give their logos a little revamp from time to time.

A strong logo keeps you looking fresh

Gone are the days when you just needed your logo for your storefront, business card and letterhead. Nowadays, you need your logo for your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as an ever growing list of social media websites. The guidelines for each of these social media outlets are different and you may need to even create simplified variations of your logo to fit with these sites. If you don’t have a logo that can adapt to our increased dependence on social media, it is time to redesign.

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